Arranging the Funeral

Our professional service starts from the moment you contact us either by telephone or calling at our office. We will start by asking you brief details whereupon if your loved one has passed away at home or in a nursing home we will arrange a suitable time and with your permission to attend and gently and respectfully remove your loved one to our own private chapel of rest. If the death has occurred in hospital it is usually not possible to attend straightaway as there are different procedures we have to follow.

When you are ready we will arrange to meet with you to discuss all the arrangements at a time most suitable to you, even if your loved one passed away in hospital this does not stop us from meeting with you. In the event your circumstances do not allow for you to attend our office (e.g. due to illness or disability) we would be prepared to visit at your home. Once we have been instructed by you and after meeting with you to discuss the exact details you require for the funeral we will then make all the arrangements on your behalf including contacting the Minister, doctors, crematorium / cemetery, hospital’s etc.

What do you need to know?

When your loved ones death is expected due to an illness and this has occurred at home or in a nursing home contact should be made with their GP in the first instance to inform him / her on what has happened. They may then visit or arrange for a registered district nurse to do this on their behalf. Arrangements will then be made for the GP to prepare a Medical Certificate to verify the death; this is usually collected by you directly from the Medical Practice of the GP within the next or a few days later. When you have this you can then telephone the local Registration Office to make an appointment to formally register the death when the necessary certificate will be given. You must register within 5 days of the death.

In Kidderminster it is usual to make an appointment on telephone number 0845 6032859 and attend the Registration office located at the Kidderminster Town Hall, Vicar Street, Kidderminster, Worcs’ DY10 1DB. The Registration Office offers a free service called “ Tell Us Once ” this means they will contact on your behalf any government related department to notify them of what has happened e.g. anything to do with benefits, driving licence etc. They will also make contact with local Councils.

When someone passes away in hospital the above procedure is very similar however, the hospital will arrange for the Medical Certificate you will not need to apply directly to the GP. There is a team at most hospital’s called the Bereavement Office who will make all the necessary arrangements and in most cases you can formally register the death at the hospital. We can help you with relevant telephone numbers at the different hospitals.

In certain circumstances whether a person passes away at home, nursing home or a hospital the Coroner may be involved. This is nothing to worry about as he / she is working to protect your interest and make sure everything was done correctly. In this situation the Coroner may investigate initially on what has happened and then take no further action or decide otherwise. When the Coroner is involved no doctor or GP will issue a Medical Certificate of death and one should not be applied for. Instead the Coroner will issue a certificate to the Registration Office in the district where the death has occurred.

Costs & Charges

In our discussions we will be open and clear about our charges which are divided between those for our professional services and disbursements, these are specifically the cost for Minister / Church fees, Cemetery or Cremation fees, doctor's fees and providing necessary certificates for Cremation (not applied when the Coroner is involved).

We are fully open and transparent about all the costs involved and will be happy to provide you with both a written confirmation of the final funeral arrangements once made and the overall total cost.